Joanna Dabish

Joanna is a Nutrition Assistant with a passion for health and wellness.

 With a strong administrative background and a keen eye for organization, she plays a vital role in ensuring the team operates efficiently and can deliver exceptional care to clients across Michigan.

Her passion for healthy living and desire to empower others to make positive dietary choices led her to 7.7, where she aligns with the company's mission to promote well-being.

Joanna believes that a balanced and nutritious diet forms the cornerstone of both physical and mental health. When not supporting the team, she enjoys practicing yoga, indulging in good coffee, and planning nutritious meals. Outside of work, she embraces her role as a responsible pet owner to her three chickens.

Joanna's ultimate goal is to become a Registered Dietitian and leverage her knowledge and skills to positively impact the lives of individual patients and communities, contributing to a healthier world.