Reva Spikener

Reva  is a dynamic marketing and human resources leader with a unique blend of expertise in brand strategy, learning & development, and diversity initiatives.

Currently serving as Marketing Director at 7.7 Nutrition, Reva brings over 10 years of HR experience and a data-driven approach to driving business growth and fostering inclusive workplace cultures.

Reva holds a Master's in Science from the University of Michigan-Flint and is a certified consultant, career coach, and master trainer.

Prior to transitioning into marketing, Reva spent a decade in various HR roles focused on learning & development and project management.

This people-centric background fuels her ability to unite teams, understand unique customer needs, and develop compelling brand narratives that resonate on a human level.

As Marketing Director, Reva oversees brand management, product and service marketing, digital marketing, content strategy, PR/communications, and events.

Passionate about inclusion, diversity, equity and access, Reva is a frequent speaker on topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive marketing, and cross-functional collaboration.

She is also an advocate for holistic wellness, with a love for boxing, healthy eating, adventure, and travel.

A dedicated mother of four, Reva is active in her community. She volunteers with local youth groups and educational programs in her free time.

With her unique skill set, global mindset, and commitment to lifting others up, Reva is a dynamic force on a 7.7 team and beyond.