Samantha Jones

Samantha is a highly skilled and experienced nutrition professional with a diverse background in both conventional and alternative wellness practices. As a former Dietetic Technician at the prestigious University of Michigan Health Systems, she has a solid foundation in evidence-based nutrition and a deep understanding of the role that diet plays in overall health and well-being.

Building upon her experience in clinical settings, Samantha pursued further education and certification to expand her expertise in holistic wellness. She is a Certified Diet and Nutrition Advisor with a specialization in Ayurvedic wellness, a time-honored system of natural healing that originated in India. This ancient approach emphasizes the importance of balance and harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, and Samantha is well-versed in its principles and practices.

In addition to her Ayurvedic training, Samantha has obtained certifications in various complementary healing modalities, including herbalism and cryotherapy. Her knowledge of medicinal plants and their therapeutic properties allows her to incorporate herbal remedies into personalized nutrition plans, providing clients with a comprehensive approach to wellness. Moreover, her expertise in cryotherapy, a cutting-edge treatment that involves exposure to extremely cold temperatures, enables her to offer innovative solutions for pain management, inflammation reduction, and recovery.

Samantha's passion for helping others achieve optimal health and wellness is evident in her client-centric approach. She takes the time to understand each individual's unique needs, preferences, and goals, and develops customized nutrition and wellness plans that address the root causes of their health concerns. By combining her scientific knowledge with a deep respect for alternative and complementary therapies, Samantha empowers her clients to take control of their health and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Her warm, compassionate demeanor and ability to translate complex concepts into accessible, actionable advice make her an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to optimize their health and well-being through a holistic, integrative approach.