Vitamin D3+K2

August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019 [email protected]

Vitamin D3+K2




Advanced Bone Support Formula
This vitamin complex combines two fat soluble vitamins with peppermint oil and organic olive oil to optimize nutrient delivery and absorption and provide a refreshing taste. Vitamin D plays a vital role in bone strength, immunity, fighting inflammation, and supporting the strength and quality of muscles. Vitamin K is also important for bone health and heart health. Both vitamins D and K play crucial roles in the proper absorption and utilization of calcium in the body. With over half of the population deficient in Vitamin D, this formula is a must for anyone looking to support overall health.


  • May Aim in Bone Strength
  • May Help with Cardiovascular Absorption
  • May Improve Calcium Utilization
  • May Help Immune Function
  • May Help Muscle Quality
  • May Aim in Supports the Health of the Brain and Nervous System
  • May Aim Supports Lung Function and Cardiovascular Health
  • May Help Regulate Insulin Levels and Aids Diabetes Management
  • May Influence the Expression of Genes Involved in Cancer Development