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Since 2010 we have been oh so busy working hard to make this world a healthier place! We are so excited to be a part of your journey! We promise to do our very best to keep our nutrition practice educational and fun, and hope to earn you as our friend and a client for life!

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77 Nutrition Diet Fitness


Custom Nutrition plans made for you

Custom Macro Nutrient Calculations

For those who want to gain muscle, lose weight, develop a healthy relationship with food, or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Individualized Supplement Recommendations

Vitamins, proteins, and more, made from the best ingredients on earth, backed by scientific research, and personalized by us just for you.


Maximize your talents for the spotlight with our help. Lead by fitness experts with wins in IFBB and NPC.


We design custom meal plans designed to help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and other symptoms caused by autoimmune disorders and chronic illness.

VEGANs, Vegetarians, & Pescatarians

Nutritionists that advocate a plant-based lifestyle. Let us help you reach your goals through education and accountability.

“Gabby + Jessica changed my life!! I seriously cannot recommend 7.7 Nutrition more highly – they are the absolute best and really go above and beyond to get to know you, help you, listen to you, and make you feel like you are making great progress no matter how much or how little it really is. I was so afraid to start the journey with them because I felt ashamed that I needed to get help for my weight, but they always made me feel welcomed, important, and encouraged me to keep going and making progress. Gabby and Jessica helped me lose almost 40 pounds in about 4 months with very little exercise and I cannot thank them enough for helping me get my confidence and life back!!!”

Ellie Severson

Awesome program! Did the 8 week program and am truly amazed. Personal body scans, photos each week to visually track your progress, personalized nutrition plan that you can have sent to Nutrition Factory (on site) who will do all the meal prep for you. It was a no brainer for me. I’m actually saving $ not eating out all the time and getting healthier doing it!

I would highly recommend 7.7 nutrition!

Nick Rogers


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77 Nutrition Diet Fitness

“This team is amazing. Laura helped me figure out a plan that worked with my lifestyle. I originally only wanted to lose weight by dieting however I was able to walk away with a whole new out look on nutrition. Taking the food sensitivity test identified which items to stay away from and my body has thanked me by literally shedding the weight almost immediately (could notice the difference within 2 weeks)! 10/10 would recommend”

Brittney Rawlings

“Jessica and Gabby are terrific! They have guided me through changing and updating habits so that I can maximize the impact of the training! They have given me a diet that is individualized for me and that gets results. The results for me took my body fat percent from 27% to 12%. Ultimately, if connected my mind, training and nutrition. Great Job 7.7!!!”

D Strauch

77 Nutrition Diet Fitness


Our Most Requested Services


Whether you want to age gracefully, or have dietary restrictions, we want to help design a plan that helps you achieve your goals!

Stay forever young with…


Weight Loss & Nutritional Counseling

We help you get to your goal weight, and most important teach you how to maintain it for years to come!

Transformations happen with…



Our founder is a bikini bodybuilding champion who started her practice in the industry. We help competitive athletes wanting an extra edge over their competition.


“Laura and the team at 7.7 Nutrition have exceeded all expectations and have been very attentive to my unique individual needs throughout my journey. Laura designed an easy to follow a customized meal plan and has helped me achieve health and fitness goals I haven’t seen in 15 years, ahead of schedule no less! I would have never seen the rapid body composition changes I’ve enjoyed without the scientific approach and medical expertise of the 7.7 Nutrition team. If you are frustrated by a lack of progress after years in the gym, stuck at a stubborn plateau or just not satisfied with results on your own, I highly recommend giving them a phone call today! Trust me if I can do it, you can too. Thank you 7.7 Nutrition!”

Matt Rahn

Featured Staff

Brooke 77 Nutrition Dietitian Tampa

Gabby Singer

Certified Nutritionist & Sports Performance Specialist, M.S., B.S. Health & Physical Education.

Claim your free nutrition consultation with Gabby or any one of our nutrition professionals at a location near you!

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Fuel Your Body With Premium Supplements

We’ll recommend the right products for you. Shop organic, all-natural, vegan, herbal supplements! From easy to use liquid formulas to dietary supplements backed by scientific research and results.

77 Nutrition Diet Fitness
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