The Best Whey – Vanilla


Best Whey Protein is a naturally complete protein that provides essential and non-essential amino acids to support healing, muscle building, muscle and tissue recovery, energy and a healthy immune system. It is a great source of branched chain amino acids for muscle support, a precursor for glutathione production, as well as alpha-lactalbumin and immunoglobulins for immune system support. Best Whey Protein is beneficial to those with active lifestyles, athletes, body builders, people who exercise and those following a low-calorie or restricted diet. Adding Best Whey Protein to a mid- day snack or beverage provides healthy energy and may help control food intake at the next meal.

Best Whey Protein is
• Micro-filtrated
• Rich in branched chain amino acids
• Available in a Vanilla and Chocolate Flavors
• Great tasting and easily mixed, making it the perfect base for any health shake or smoothie
• Combined with 3 g of Fibersol-2™ brand fiber to support regularity